Home World Group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of plywood and related products in China, which was founded in 1993 with 6 subsidiaries.  We are now enjoying 73 production lines of film faced plywood and fancy plywood.
  korinplex | plywood | LVL | LVB | H20 becam  Our productivity of all kinds of plywood is 220,000m3 and 1,000,000m3 for film faced plywood each year. Equipped with many advanced machines, Italian IMEAS    sanders,Japanese UROKO peeling machines, Veneer Joint Tenderizers and big dry machines, the company is committed to producing and exporting the highest quality products in the film faced plywood and fancy plywood and Antiskid Plywood.
We have won the honor of "Chinese Famous Trademark", "Jiangsu Quality Trusted Products " and "AAA Corporate Credit " .
The company insists on the principle of good quality control and honesty all the time.
   And Our products have been certified by IS09001:2000, IS014001:2004, CE, FSC, BFU and been well sold to more than 100 countries all over the world, such as Germany, Australia, USA, Chile, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, and so on.
With the aim of catering to the requirements of global market, we have cooperated with many famous building material wholesalers, we are responsible to design and OEM for their brand plywood and furniture.
    Based on our superior quality management, well-sevice and leading technology, Home world group actively leads the market and takes pride in offering these products and services to our customers.



-   ROC international trading Co., LtdExport & Import ,design and Inspection
-   Lifeng Timber industry Co., Ltd,Constructution plywood producer
 -  Zhengquan wood Co., Ltd,Constructution plywood producer
 -  Qiangwei Wood Co., Ltd,Constructution plywood producer
 -  Zhanpeng timber Co., LtdPacking plywood producer
 -  Hongshan Wood Co., Ltd,Comercial plywood producer
 -   Quanyuan Wood Co.,LtdConstructution plywood producer
 -   FANS furniture Industry Co., LtdFurniture produce and design


korinplex | plywood | LVL | LVB | H20 becam

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SKYPE : lifengwood Email : roc@plywood.cn


TEL : +86 516 86533386 FAX : +86 516 86080099

korinplex | plywood | LVL | LVB | H20 becam

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